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Saturday, August 4, 2007

How Environment Affect Our Weight

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Everything around us, our environment, influences our ability to use good weight management skills. Thus, everything we come in to contact with influences our thoughts and subliminally influence many of our weight management decisions. Who wants to control the factors that influence our weight anyway? Most people want to enjoy what they eat. The trick is to learn to eat what you enjoy as well as eating what you need. Learning weight management may be hard work, but the benefits of life long health and fitness are well worth it!

With what do you surround yourself each day? Many factors not only influence us to buy certain food products, but also may influence our perceptions and attitudes about what is or is not healthy. This can result in a general misconception that only beautiful people are healthy, fit people. It seems that this misconception is one held by many people in our society today.

Did you know that 55 percent of Americans are overweight and one in six is considered obese? The numbers are expected to increase due to obesity observed in today’s children. Not only are we influenced to buy certain foods (especially fast foods), we are also influenced to try new diets, new diet aids, use exercise videos, or join a health club. Many of these can be sound weight management techniques, but be aware of any that promise a miraculous weight loss.

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