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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finding the Right Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

While there are people out there are able to lose weight on their own, many seek the support and reliability of a proven weight loss program. If you feel that this is the best route for you, let us first discuss some items that you should take into consideration before joining a program.
A good weight loss program should teach their clients how to permanently alter unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle factors. Factors such as no or very little physical activity may actually be the biggest contributor to your weight gain. The program should also address your personal food likes and dislikes.
Find out if there is access to a staff which contains input from qualified counselors and health professionals such as nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, and fitness specialists. Prior to starting a weight loss program, it is always a good idea to check with your physician. Be sure to mention your weight loss goals and any ramifications they may have with the program and current medications.
It is always the best to find programs which provide long term strategies for dealing with weight control. These strategies should address issues like how to deal with the times you feel stressed and want to slip back into your old eating habits. Bear in mind that this may very well include items like gathering up a support system and establishing a solid dependable exercise routine.
When starting a weight loss program, you should understand why unwanted pounds are so much harder to lose than gain. Your focus should also be more on your health rather than the loss of weight. And before you start your weight loss plan; be very clear and positive about your weight loss goal. Make sure your goal is not only doable and realistic; it should be one that you can stick with until you reach that goal.
Keep in mind that there are many different ways to lose weight. You can choose to lose water weight, lose muscle weight, or you can choose to lose body fat. Losing water weight is considered to be the easiest of the three, but it does come at a price. If you reduce your water intake, this will obviously lead to dehydration. This is certainly not a very healthy way to lose a few pounds, and worse yet, when you re-hydrate yourself again, the weight will most likely be regained.
If you reduce your caloric intake too quickly or by too much, your body will respond by slowing down your metabolism. And when your metabolism slows down, your body will try to steal vital energy from your muscle tissue because you then stop losing fat. In this case, you are losing muscle mass instead of fat.
So before you start a weight loss program, it is important that you evaluate each of the factors mentioned above so that you can plan a successful weight loss. More importantly, you will ensure that you remain healthy doing the transition, and that you also keep the weight off.

Weight Loss Program


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